venerdì 1 giugno 2012

Church Connection Cards: connect with visitors, grow your church, pastor your people, little cards, big results by Yvon Prehn (CreateSpace)

“People visit our churches every week and for special events, but if they don't tell us they are there, we can't connect with them. Our people come to church every week, but if we do n't know their needs, we can't help them. Church Connection Cards can do all this and so much more. This book gives you detailed ideas, advice, samples, and a ministry plan to make connections, grow your church, and serve your people using this seemingly small, but very powerful ministry tool. The book provides detailed instructions on how to make sure you get the largest number of people to fill out the cards, specific ways to manage your follow-up to most effectively serve the people who filled them out, lists of what you need to have in place for follow up, and how to triage (divide into levels of ministry need) the cards so you can respond to people in a timely manner. Connection cards are an invaluable tool if you want to connect with visitors, grow your church and pastor your people”

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