domenica 3 giugno 2012

Devotions for Church Communicators: The Heart of Church Communications by Yvon Prehn (CreateSpace)

“Creating, writing for, and managing and church communications is difficult and this book will greatly encourage, strengthen, challenge, and inspire church communicators in their daily work! To create effective communications in the church whether they are in print, on the web, in digital or physical formats, communicators need more than tools and techniques to be successful in this ministry. This book provides what is needed through a Biblical perspective for how to keep your heart focused on what is unchanging: our Lord, his Word, and your calling in church communications to fully fulfill the Great Commission. The book contains not only encouragements, but challenging, thought-provoking short essays that remind church communicators that they serve a holy God and snarky, borderline profane, and shocking or morally suggestive messages have no place in church communications. Finally, it reminds church communicators of the extraordinary value and eternal implications of their work. Heaven will be different because of the difficult, challenging, and faithful work done by church communicators who are the “Great Ones” in the kingdom of God.”

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