martedì 22 maggio 2012

In The future of Arcadia

We knights of the “Ordo Templi Equestris Arcadia Lecce” feel the need to apply for support to all men and women of goodwill. For a little over three years we are carrying out numerous cultural, artistic and social initiatives, support to weaker sections of society to the most needy. We did it only counting our strengths.  We have received several awards associating with other orders of international importance, and we were included  in the largest database of orders worldwide Neo Knights Templars,(, compare with prestigious orders in studies of CESNUR, and recently we have become an ONG (nongovernmental organization).  Now we want (in the spirit of international brotherhood and solidarity that was right at the base ethics of chivalry) to implement our action beyond the borders of our land, bringing support in places where someone is less fortunate than ourselves, bringing education where resources maybe there aren’t, creating employment and development.  For our order this is an important moment, and we want it to be now and in the future for you. Now will we reach. Give us your hand and together we can build something great!. Your donations can do them, please visit this page:
Or you can make your donation to these coordinates:
Beneficiary: ARCADIA LECCE
IBAN IT 28 M 36 000 03 200 0CA004633488
Random: Donation
In Christ our Lord and God - Gran Siniscalco Ordo Equestris Templi Arcadia

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