sabato 5 maggio 2012

Sacred Sites of the Knights Templar: The Ancient Secrets Hidden in Stonehenge, Rennesle-Chateau, and Santiago de Compostela by John K. Young (Fair Winds Press - MA)

“All across the continent of Europe, massive stone monuments erected by a prehistoric culture can be found. These megalithic stones, resisting centuries of weathering or assaults by modern men, are all that remain of a society that has been erased by time. Stonehenge is the most familiar of these megalithic monuments, but in fact represents only one of many similar sites. Who were the people who built these monuments? Why were these stones significant to them? "Sacred Sites of the Knights Templar" examines sacred megalithic sites across the globesuch as Stonehenge and Rennes-le-Chateau -- revealing the astronomical significance of these sites as well as the secrets that significance bore to the Knights Templar. This revolutionary book offers a new explanation for two main subjects: The distribution and meaning of the megalithic monuments of Europe, which were constructed to commemorate astronomical events; evidence for a continuing and hidden philosophy based on ancient astronomy maintained in secret by the Knights Templar and in turn by the Freemasons;  the author offers theories regarding these sitestheir meanings, their secrets, their lasting impression on the Western World, and their sacred symbolic influences on Freemasonry throughout history.”

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